• Health & Safety Policy

                                                                             Mashamshire Tennis Club
                                                                               Health & Safety Policy
                                                                           General Policy Statement
    Mashamshire Tennis Club is committed to ensuring the Health and Safety of its members
    including visitors and guests whilst on the Club’s courts on Masham Recreation Ground and
    expects all officers and volunteers to share this commitment.
    All our members have a responsibility to inform either the Health & Safety Officer, or a
    member of the club’s committee in the case of accidents whilst undertaking any tasks whilst
    on Club premises. To do this the Club’s Committee will:
    * Discuss Health & Safety at every Committee meeting.
    * Appoint a Health & Safety officer .
    * Ensure the Club’s environment is safe and free from reasonable risk.
    * Ensure safe entry and exit to our courts and tennis hut, including appropriate signage
    and instructions.
    * Provide appropriate First Aid facilities.
    * Provide appropriate safety equipment/kit to enable officers and volunteers to carry
    out their work.
    * Maintain a safe court environment for all members, their visitors, officers and
    * Minimise the occurrence of accidents and incidents by carrying out risk assessments
    to assess and deal with all areas of our operations.


    Overall and final responsibility for Health and Safety in respect of the Club is vested in the
    Club’s Committee. Day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that this policy is put into practice
    is delegated to the Members, Visitors and Coaches who need to take reasonable care of
    their own health and safety while on the Club premises.
    If at any time there are any health or safety concerns or risks they should be immediately
    reported, to a member of the Club’s Committee (contact details are displayed on the tennis
    hut and club website). A First Aid box is available, stored securely in the tennis hut. The
    contents will be subject to regular checks.
    The Club recognises its obligation to its members and visitors to manage the health and
    safety risks arising from its various activities and events. If the matter giving concern
    appears to be more serious in nature or is an emergency, then please contact the
    appropriate emergency service or services immediately.

    Accident and Incident Reporting

    All details of accidents (and incidents) should be recorded i.e. How, where, why and who
    and also details of any first aid given. On no account should any form of oral medication be
    given unless done so by the injured party themselves. Details should be entered into the
    “Accident Book” (stored in the tennis hut) and subsequently reported to a member of the
    Club’s Committee as soon as is reasonably possible.

    Health and Safety on the Court

    The Club also ensures that its sports facilities i.e. court surfaces and surrounds are safe and
    properly maintained to the correct standards.
    * The Club’s grounds will be kept free from potholes and trip hazards.
    * Fencing will be maintained in a secure condition.
    * Fencing will meet Local Authority requirements.
    * Damaged or unstable ground surfaces will be fenced off.
    * Periodic assessments will be carried out regarding the safety of different playing and
    pedestrian access surfaces during different weather conditions.
    * Members will ensure the court is securely locked after use.
    * Hazardous substances, such as cleaning materials, paints, weed killers and fertilisers
    will not be stored at the club and will only be used by persons familiar with their
    correct use.
    * First aid box to be available (stored securely) in the tennis hut.
    * A member of the club committee will lead on and be responsible for ‘maintenance’ to
    identify report and address any maintenance issues. This member will report back at
    each meeting and give an annual report at the AGM.

                                         Risk Assessment Policy

    It is the responsibility of all Members, Visitors and Coaches using the club’s facilities to
    conduct their own risk assessment prior to use of the facilities. If any concerns are identified
    as a result of this appropriate remedial action must be taken to remove the concern, or to
    reduce it to an acceptable level. In the event of the latter, the matter must then be reported
    to a member of the club’s committee without delay.
    Additionally, as part of it’s annual LTA Registration Mashamshire Tennis Club will carry out a
    full annual risk assessment of the facility with a view to highlighting potential hazards and
    taking the appropriate action wherever necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable
    environment. A member of the Club’s Committee will become responsible for risk
    assessments and reporting to this Committee on such issues. However all committee
    members, club members and visitors are also responsible for day to day Health and Safety
    and must report any issues to a member of the Club’s Committee.
    Risk Assessments must include the following issues:
    * Is the area and surroundings safe and free from obstacles?
    * Is the area fit and appropriate for activity?
    * Is the equipment fit and sound for activity and suitable for age group/ability?
    * Are members appropriately attired for the activity?
    * Can emergency vehicles access facilities?
    * Do volunteers coaches and members have access to information relating to health
    and safety?