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    MTC 2016

    As in 2015 we participated in 3 league competitions with varying degrees of success.

    Harrogate & District Division 6 was pruned to 10 teams so we had 9 matches, playing each club only once. We completed all our fixtures using most of our regular players and finished mid-table with a ratio of almost 50%, having won 4 matches and drawn one. Harrogate Spa won every match and consequently dominated the division.

    In the Vale of Mowbray League only 6 clubs fielded teams as Boroughbridge and Leake pulled out before a ball was hit. We won 3 of our 5 matches and went on to the “semi-final” where we were soundly beaten by eventual winners, West Tanfield.

    In the Thirsk Winter League there is no table as such, clubs playing for the fun of it, but with a strong element of competition. This year we managed our first win and went on to another almost straightaway. We had 3 weather postponements to re-arrange, which we duly played, adding another victory in the process.


    Our first match in HDTL Division 6 is set for Thursday 27th April, when we play Ripon C. There are more matches this season than last (12 in all), finishing for us on 7th August.

    In the men’s Vale of Mowbray League there are 7 teams this year. We start our campaign against Boroughbridge on Sunday 7th May.




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