• Fixtures 2017


    Many thanks go to David Miller for all the work he puts into arranging matches and organising our teams.

    We will once again be competing in the Harrogate & District Division 6, which is a mixed competition as well as the men’s Vale of Mowbray League.We will also be endeavouring to arrange mixed doubles friendly matches commencing in July.


    Thursday 27th April A RIPON C L  42-66 
    Friday 5th May A KNARESBOROUGH B W 70-38 
    Tuesday 9th May H THIRSK C W 62-46 
    Tuesday 16th May H WEST TANFIELD B W 73-35 
    Monday 22nd May A BOROUGHBRIDGE C W 84-24 
    Friday 23rd June A HARLOW B W 64-44 
    Tuesday 27th June H STARBECK C L 47-61 
    Tuesday 4th July H ALMSCLIFFE A W 59-49 
    Thursday 20th July A THIRSK C W 66-42 
    Tuesday 25th July H HARLOW B W 61-47 
    Tuesday 1st August H BOROUGHBRIDGE C W 62-34 
    Monday 7th August A STARBECK C L 32-76 

    Scoring: each match consists of 9 rubbers, each rubber is the best of 12 games

    (Click here) for Fixtures & Results Division 6 



    07/05/17 H BOROUGHBRIDGE W 4-1
    14/05/17   FREE  
    21/05/17 H RICHMOND W 5-0
    28/05/17 A LEAKE W 4-1
    04/06/17 H RIPON A L 1-4
    11/06/17 A RIPON B W 5-0
    18/06/17   FREE  
    25/06/17 H THIRSK W 4-1
    09/07/17   Semi-final v Ripon A W 4-1
    16/07/17   FINAL v Boroughbridge W 3-1


    All matches are played on Sundays, times as detailed by the Home
    team.Composition of League Matches: 


    •  Each team plays all other teams once only (either home or away)
    • Each match consists of 2 pairs who play each of the opponents 2 pairs in a rubber. Thus there are 4 rubbers per match.
    • Each rubber consists of best of 3 sets with a tie-break at 6-6.
    • A point is awarded for each rubber won, plus one point for the match winner. Thus for each match 5 points are available. This means each rubber counts, even if a team loses the match, any rubbers won are counted towards the eventual league position.
    • There are 7 teams in the league so each team will play 6 matches.
    • Away teams pairs will play their 2 rubbers on the same court.
    • Home teams will provide balls

    After completion of the league fixtures the top 4 teams are drawn into the knock out semi-finals.

    Pool of Players Pool of Players: 
    A number of members have registered their interest in participating in these matches. We always need more players to add to our pool so should you wish to join in, even just for the odd match, please contact David Miller who is organising our teams: 01969 625193 or email  d_lmiller2003@yahoo.co.uk

    Friendly against Richmond

    Thank you for supporting your local tennis club